Tuesday, December 6, 2016


(Okay, it’s actually 12/5…it’s 1:30 am again. I’ve gotta stop doing this.)

Short nights, long days. 
Writing, sleep, coffee.
Alarms, church, extroverting (ugh!).
Rehearsal, directing, praying, advising.
Running, breathing, enjoying sunshine.
Eating, chatting, catching up.
Paying rent, buying shoes, back to church.
Singing, praying, sitting still (!) …
Driving home, drinking hot chocolate.
Reading, lounging, uploading pictures.
Overall, a restful (I know, I know..my definition of “rest” is awkward…) Sabbath.

Enter: Wasting probably too much time on social media.

Trying not to fall into the trap of:
Comparison, gossiping, judging…
Hating, envying, discriminating…
The little voices telling me to go creep on my past (anyone??).
Measuring my life using someone else’s yardstick..
Contemplating how to make my yardstick look like a more accurate instrument of measurement than someone else’s.
Putting pressure and guilt on myself for not following through on goals and dreams.
Updating cover photos like it’s important.
Overthinking how I present myself to the world.

Enter: Decision to stay off social media for the rest of the week (other than posting writing updates).

(Question: Ok, but why does there always have to be an exception?!?!)

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