Friday, December 9, 2016

When High Schoolers Communicate Better Than I Do.


#keepcalmWRITEON Day 6

Tonight I went to a high school basketball game and I was so in my zone!!

It took me back to the days when I was on a team like that and how I could relate to everything they were doing.
The girls played really well, I thought. And it reminded me of what good communication looks like on a team. They encouraged one another and all played off each other's strengths.
I remember when I was on my basketball team in high school, sometimes it felt like I didn't serve a purpose. I didn't score all the points, but I could grab some rebounds. I didn't always get open quickly enough for my teammates to pass me the ball, but I could hustle back and be ready to play defense before anyone else.
I think life is like that. You count on the people around you, and you make yourself available to use whatever strengths you have, for the greater good. Where you are weak, someone else is strong; then when you need to fill in the gap for someone else, you do.

BUT...if you don't talk to each other and help each other out, it ain't pretty. You're gonna struggle.

I definitely feel some conviction and see the connections to my own life...I am absolutely not a perfect communicator (ask my coworkers), but I try my best every day to improve.

So... "keep the communication alive" is the moral of the story for me tonight.

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